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Did you know you can recycle your toners?

We thought we would make you aware of the Xerox Eco-Box programme which is available to all customers.

The Xerox Eco-Boxes are aimed at customers with many devices, producing substantial volumes of used cartridges on a continual basis.

You will receive a bundle of 5 Eco-Boxes. Once you have requested a bundle, they will arrive within 72 hours.

How to use…

Place all used toners and/or drum cartridges into each of the boxes. When the box is full, arrange a collection by completing the returns form.

Please ensure your Eco-Box is left in an easily accessible area for UPS to collect, for example, in the reception area.

What happens to your Eco-Box Contents…

Xerox repair and reuse thousands of cartridges, and refill toner containers. None of the consumables returned, via the Xerox Eco-Box process, will contribute to landfill waste.

Xerox Venray location is accredited to the ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

For the scrap print cartridges that can’t be reused, they are broken down via a solution that allows the plastics, metals and residual toner powder to be recycled into other items.

For more information or additional help, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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