The Phone Co-op is the UK’s only co-operative telecoms supplier, based in Oxfordshire, offering internet and telephone services.

Nustream designed an online franking solution for The Phone Co-op with the aim of streamlining their mailing process to be more efficient, especially when sending their customers’ monthly bills.

Key Print Assessment Findings

The postage process was costly and time-consuming. A large proportion of their customer base require paper copies of their monthly bills, with over 4,500 letters sent every month. The postage process took six people three days to print, stuff and send the customers’ bills.


Nustream worked in collaboration with The Phone Co-op’s Billing Specialist to integrate an online franking solution that has successfully streamlined their process and delivered a 19% cost saving on postage. A process that previously took six people three days to complete, can now be done by one person in less than an hour each month – with the same volume of letters.

The online franking solution is a simple process. The Phone Co-op exports the bills from their billing system, batch uploads them into the ‘drag and drop’ folder – and that’s it! The files are sent via bank level encryption to our partners Shared Service Centre, where they are printed and automatically processed. Post is tracked and delivered using the Royal Mail postal service.

Summary of the Solution

As a result of the online franking solution integrated by Nustream, The Phone Co-op:

  • Achieved a cost reduction of 19%, saving around £17,000 over the contract period
  • Improved time efficiency – The new postage system freed up several days in their schedule and allowed staff to be redistributed to other areas of the organisation
  • Experienced flexible posting as the user can post from anywhere, at any time
  • Improved data security as letters stored in a secure archive with end-to-end encryption
  • Improved visibility of users and postal management to recall items online

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