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Our managed print services integrate your multifunction devices and printers with print management software.
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Despite the digital technology revolution, organisations continue to rely on paper documents. Our Managed Print Services (MPS) considers the lifecycle of documents, meaning that your entire organisation’s inputs, processes, and outputs relating to document management are assessed to provide a comprehensive solution.

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Unleashing the power of data through analytics. The foundation of the Intelligent Workplace.

Continuous Improvement

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Xerox App Gallery

Innovative apps open up surprising new capabilities making your Xerox® printer a true digital workplace assistant.


Do you know how your workers are printing, sharing and accessing documents between home and work?

Print Releaf

How many trees is your company using in a month? Replant those trees automatically using PrintReleaf.

Managed Print

Boost  productivity, efficiency,  sustainability, and security, whilst reducing costs and staying compliant.

Xerox Printers

Our Xerox multifunction printers do it all, from printing, scanning and copying to faxing and sending emails.

Workflow Central

Workflow Central (WFC) allows businesses to work flexibly, with Cloud hosting provided by Microsoft Azure.

How It Works

Print Assessment

Nustream’s experts will provide an in-depth consultation and assessment of your office print environment, to design a bespoke solution, specific to your business goals.




After, we’ll ensure that the implementation will cause minimal disruption with a quick installation and thorough training for all employees.


Continuous Improvement

Continued monitoring and support will also be provided so that user satisfaction and productivity is maintained and any future areas for innovation are identified.




Up to 70% decrease in energy use.


Up to 75% decrease in paper waste.


Up to 70% decrease in greenhouse gases.

Our Managed Print Services is designed to:

Improve employee engagement and productivity using automated processes, better user experience and easy access to information.

Create an efficient workplace with reduced costs, optimised print and document infrastructure, improved sustainability along with imroved return on investment.

Protect document, device and data security, alongside ensuring privacy and regulatory compliance policies.


Environmental Benefits

Reduce your environmental footprint.

Time Saving

Save time and improve efficiency.

Cost Savings

Reduce capital expenditure and improve cash flow.


Creates a better and more productive workplace for an evolving and mobile workforce.

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