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Xerox® ConnectKey® powered printers feature an ever-evolving gallery of apps to help you work better and faster.
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Innovative apps that open up surprising new capabilities making your Xerox® printer a true digital workplace assistant to streamline your workflows and get more done. The Xerox App Gallery is your gateway to a growing collection of easily downloadable
and installable apps designed to transform the way your business handles documents and data.

Here are just a few of our favourite apps that allow your printer to becomes a well-connected, simple-to-use, smart workplace assistant.

Connect for Microsoft® 365

The Xerox Connect for Microsoft® 365 app makes it safe and intuitive to digitise documents. With this app and your ConnectKey® enabled device, easily print from or scan to an individual or shared Microsoft® 365 account.


Connect for Google Drive™

Xerox Connect for Google Drive™ can; use your company’s Exchange credentials at login; navigate your folder structure and then easily scan your hardcopy document; and quickly print one or multiple documents.


Connect For Salesforce App

Reduce the need to manually enter data into your CRM by instantly digitising and organizing your most important client documents for timely review and follow-up.


Xerox Note Converter

Quickly convert your notes into an MS Word document or text file sent to you digitally. Easily edit and share your notes with everyone in that important meeting you just left, saving you precious time.


Xerox Translate and Print

Scan your document in and receive it back in one of over 44 languages in printed form, and/or an editable Microsoft® Word (.docx) version emailed to one or more email addresses.


Connect for DocuSign

The Xerox® Connect App for DocuSign can help eliminate approval bottlenecks, speed up your paper processes, and keep essential agreements moving forward.


Xerox® Auto-Redaction

Sensitive data is rendered unreadable while keeping all other information on the document intact. Finished auto-redacted documents can then be printed or emailed right from a Xerox® ConnectKey®


QuickBooks Online

Use this app to scan multiple receipts at once, preview the receipts, edit the data fields, submit, and even notify the approver right at the device.


Xerox Workflow Central Platform

Xerox® Workflow Central

Workflow Central makes it easy to transform documents instantly from any device, including PCs, tablets, mobile devices and Xerox multifunction printers.
Ideal for on-the-go employees that work across a variety of devices and document types, Workflow Central solves everyday workflow challenges, such as translation, redaction, file conversion, and more.


Convert to Audio

Convert to MS Office

Handwriting to Text





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