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You print, we plant....
You Can Help!

8,333 pages equals one tree. How many trees is your company using in a month? What if you could replant those trees automatically? With Nustream you can, using our service PrintReleaf you can replant the trees you use in any of the selected protected forests.

How it works

You Print.

Keep on using your printer as normal and Nustream will measure your paper consumption totals through third-party integrations.

We Track.

Nustream use your paper consumption total to calculate your ‘paper footprint’ which will be equal to a specific and accurate amount of trees.

We Plant.

You are able to choose which of the protected forests you plant your trees in. You can also monitor your environmental impact on the Dashboard. We also provide certificates and reports about the forests that you have helped to replant over time.

Protected Forests

These are the protected forests that you can chose to replant in. There is one forest per country and these countries are:


  • Brazil
  • Dominican Republic
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Madagascar
  • Mexico
  • United States

Environmental And Social Benefits


Provides environmental and ecological reforestation where the planet needs it most.



Completely automated, end-to-end integration from printer to seeding with no software to install.


Providing Jobs

Reforestation projects provide new jobs to uplift communities and local economies.



The PrintReleaf ecosystem is verified by a third-party certifying body, SGS International.



Through awareness, social marketing, and certifications, you can see and share the positive impact you have on forests.


Protect The Planet

As a Nustream customer, we’ll find other ways to minimise your environmental impact. That starts with selecting energy efficient products and it continues as our relationship grows. We partner with our manufacturer’s recycling program (The Xerox Eco Box) to keep harmful chemicals and metals out of landfills.

You can also read our Green Policy.

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