About Me

2020, the year where I completed my studies at college and received my Level 3 Business Studies (Extended Diploma) certificate and also the year that I start looking for jobs to begin my career in marketing. However, the pandemic prevented me from following through with my plans and achieving my goals which is why after being furloughed from my part-time job I began to re-plan my future aspirations.

After over a year of being in and out of lockdown the government eventually lifted restrictions and I took this as my opportunity to follow through my delayed plans. Searching for jobs in marketing, all being way above my qualification and experience, then one day a vacancy for a Digital Marketing Apprentice was advertised in Newbury, for Nustream.

It’s a weird thing to say but without the pandemic, affecting all our lives in such different ways, it wouldn’t have got me to where I am today. Without it I wouldn’t have met such amazing, kind, and considerate people and I’m grateful for them welcoming me.

Week One

My first week at Nustream I was a bit nervous but more excited because this was what I wanted for such a long time. When walking into the office to start my first day I was welcomed with such kindness. They helped me settle in, offered me tea and coffee, and walked me through what I’d be doing on a day-to-day basis.

Everyone wanted to help me learn all I could, so I observed and shadowed my mentor to learn what she knows. We went through all the resources that are at my disposal on how to use them, when to use them and how they can help me with my responsibilities here at Nustream. Even after my first week I still felt nervous because I’ve got such a long way to go in order to get from where I am now to the level and skill that Niamh Foster has shown.

Top tips

  • Believe in your capability – It’s normal to feel nervous but over time you’ll find your rhythm at your own pace.
  • Speak up, ask for help – If at any point you feel things are moving too fast or you’re finding something confusing then speak to a colleague or supervisor.
  • Build experience – At some points you’ll come across challenges that you haven’t faced, don’t be afraid to confront them, learn from them and doing so will boost your confidence too.

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