Remind Your Workforce to Stay Safe

Nustream, in partnership with Xerox, have launched the “Clean Hands Reminder” screen saver style app, since it is more important than ever to maintain good hygiene with employees returning to the workplace. 

What is it?

The Clean Hands Reminder app is a friendly, non-intrusive, screen saver type reminder to maintain proper hygiene located right on the screen of your printer. The app displays the reminder when the device is inactive.

It is a simple, silent reminder for users to protect themselves and co-workers –
free tool to ensure a clean and safe work environment.

How to install?

Quick and easy to install on your Xerox ConnectKey enabled device from the Xerox App Gallery. The app is freely available and applicable to VersaLink, PrimeLink and most AltaLink models.

With a simple, easy-to-install app, Nustream can help ensure your organisation has the appropriate hygiene measures in place to welcome the return of the workforce.

Stay Clean and Stay Safe with the Clean Hands Reminder App.

To download this application, click the button below.


Cleanliness is important in this time of COVID-19, and the Xerox Clean Hands Reminder App provides a gentle reminder to maintain a healthy workplace.

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