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CareAR™ enables service management teams anywhere, to provide real-time visual AR assistance, guidance, and compliance for their on-site customers, field workers, and employees.


CareAR™ is an augmented reality visual support platform that helps organisations digitally transform their support experience with game-changing AR capabilities. CareAR enables service management teams anywhere, to provide real-time visual AR assistance, guidance, and compliance for their on-site customers, field workers, and employees. Remote agents and experts are able to virtually see the situation and visually guide customers and field workers intuitively using a suite of augmented reality tools via desktop, mobile, or smart glass devices, as if they were there in person.

Features & Benefits

Remote service efficiency & effectiveness – upskill field workers or customers with more effective outcomes and immersive experiences, so that we fix problems first time, prevent truck rolls and tech dispatches, and reduce costs.

Optimize time to resolve – remote expert experience reduces wait time for access to the right technical expertise, reduce incorrect parts delivering and guides resolutions with expert efficiency.

Enhance training – tailored video guidance graphical direction delivers experiential guidance that is engaging and remembered.

Ensure safety and compliance – experienced diagnostics and directional guidance is captured and saved for audits.

How It Works

Empower service teams anywhere to provide remote visual AR assistance and guidance. See what your customers, employees, and field workers see in real-time, while collaborating with a suite of AR tools to digitally guide and solve their problems, as if actually there on-site.


Empower service teams, customers and employees with digital AR based instructions and procedural guidance to help trouble shoot and solve their problems.


Visualize product information (service history, critical component & product insights, predictive data etc.) from various data sources to enable elevated service experiences including customer self-help and proactive support.



 What is the difference between Assisted Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

Assisted Reality refers to projecting additional information into a user’s field of vision. It adds a layer of graphics and video that is not connected to or does not alter in any way what is being viewed via a device below the projected graphics, text, or video.

Augmented Reality also projects information within a field of vision, but additionally can link to or alter what is being viewed below the projected graphics, text, or video. This is most clearly seen with CareAR anchored annotations. This mean the projected images are statically tagged by a remote user, enabling the local user to move without the graphics or text drifting or disappearing from their intended location.

Virtual Reality replaces a field of vision with a digital space. A layer of information, graphics or video can be added to that.

What are the primary use cases to focus on?

Too many costly dispatches

Use case: AR Remote Support. Augmented reality enables techs or customers located onsite resolve more issues without a “truck roll”. Reference metrics from 20% -50% improvement in reducing dispatches as a high level possibility.

Frequent return to fix

Use Case: AR Expert Guidance. See-what-I-See expert guidance reduce returns for the same issue. 20% -80% First Time Fix Rate (FTFR) improvement potential.

Field service costs climbing

Use Case; AR Expert Efficiency. Reduce time to diagnose and repair with remote guidance. AR is especially helpful with less experienced technicians. 40% -57% reduction potential for reducing service time.

Wrong parts delivered

Use Case; AR Verified Diagnostics. Remote expert assistance with AR guidance works to increase diagnostic accuracy. Reference possible improvement from 25% to beyond 75% depending upon complexity and field service expertise.

Need more effective/ frequent training

Use Case; AR Enhanced Training. Graphical video guidance tailored to each trainee’s specific equipment and skill level optimizes training while ensuring experts are using their time most effectively. Reference reduced training time by as much as 40%.

Poor customer service experience

Use Case; AR Speed to Resolve. Eliminating wait time for technician travel with remote customer AR guidance help improve CX metrics by compressing time to resolve and issue. Remote expert AR guidance also encourages on-site confidence. Reference CSAT and NPS gain that can be achieved.

What are CareARs Competitive Differentiators?

1. Anchored Annotations

The ability for remote experts to guide with visual graphics that remain anchored to the intended location in real-time even if the local user moves their Smartphone or wearable significantly enhances the user experience.

2. Multiuser Support

CareAR goes far beyond a 1-on-1 tool with unlimited support for multiple experts who guide with annotation freedom. Scalability for remote knowledge access is a key benefit as collaborative experts take advantage of AR tools to “force multiply” collective experience to take Field Service to a new level.

3. Reporting & Dashboards

New Field Service technology requires a reporting foundation to persistently identify success metrics and opportunities for exceeding return on investment goals. CareAR simplifies the video channel with AR tracking and logging that trends usage, manages video sharing, incorporates geolocation for remote service and much more within a unified dashboard view.

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