Intelligent Process Automation

The ONLY integrated end‑to‑end low-code Intelligent Automation Solution for Digital Workflow Transformation
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Nustreams Intelligent Automation Solution delivers robotic process automation alongside artificial intelligence. The result? True document intelligence, connected complex business systems, all alongside fully automated workflows.

Reducing an organisations reliance on human interactions in complex business processes can result in real cost savings. The consistency of results  are improved, operational friction is reduced, and workflows are more cost-effective. Release your workforce from low-value repetitive tasks, allowing them to instead concentrate on work that better aligns with their skillset.

Unlock document intelligence, connect complex business systems and automate workflows to enable better outcomes across the most high-value processes. Monitoring assesses performance data, real-time processing status and service level metrics.

Document Intelligence

Extract information and unlock data insights by applying cognitive capture and artificial intelligence to unstructured data.


Process Orchestration

Orchestrate the digital workflows in your company collaboratively with systems, data and users.


Connected Systems

Integrate critical business systems such as mobile, legacy systems, chatbots and enterprise applications across external as well as internal business processes.



Accelerated business processes with process orchestration, document intelligence, and task automation.

Automate labor-intensive, multi-step tasks across systems and data sources with no coding using RPA technology.

Mobile Capture enables users to pay bills, deposit cheques and more on their mobile phone with a simple screen shot.

Digitally transform workflows with secure electronic signing.

Features a single document generation output tool to help you communicate with your clients better.

Creates digital files from multiple sources such as pdf’s, images or even paper. 

Receive insights to monitor, analyse and optimise operational business processes using advanced analytics software.

Advanced document capture is automated, with extraction creating actionable data from emails, documents, and databases.

Monitoring assesses performance data, real-time processing status and service level metrics.



Improved Security

Improve cybersecurity against threats today and tomorrow with intelligent automation.

Quality Results

Intelligent automation eliminates human errors in data, resulting in higher quality and more reliable results.

Customer Satisfaction

Respond to customer enquiries speedily, with reliable and accurate responses.

Cost Savings

Less human touches in complex processes leads to widespread cost savings and more cost-effective workflows.


Regulatory Compliance

Meet regulatory compliance targets using automated systems for monitoring, reporting and escalating compliance issues as required.

Job Satisfaction

Reassign staff to projects that are less repetetive and better use their skills, leading to increased job satisfaction and happier employees.

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