Rexel is a wholesale electrical distributor that connects electricians, contractors, and industrial organisations, in over 400 locations, throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Nustream have worked with Rexel to support their commitment to sustainability with the aim of reducing operating costs associated with printing, as well as minimising their environmental impact.


Key Print Assessment Findings

The initial findings highlighted that Rexel UK had an aged fleet that consisted of 1648 print devices and lacked a fleet management service. Nustream undertook a full print assessment to analyse their printing infrastructure and designed an optimised print environment based on the organisation’s requirements, thus aligning with their corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals.



To meet the business’ requirements, Nustream condensed the number of devices, from 1648 to 1305 in 420 locations, in just six weeks. Nustream implemented a secure managed print solution (MPS) which provided Rexel with the visibility of volume and cost by user, department, organisation and at device level. This enabled Rexel to effectively communicate and motivate their staff to change their printing habits.

This solution not only reduced their operating costs, but increased productivity and efficiency of staff who no longer wasted time on printer-related tasks such as the maintenance of the devices and supplies.



As a result of the new solution deployed by Nustream, Rexel UK:

  • Reduced the overall number of print devices by 20.8% and installed reliable multi-functional printers (MFP)
  • Lowered the consumption of energy, paper, and supplies which enabled them to further align with their commitment to sustainability
  • Experienced greater engagement and satisfaction from staff as they felt they made a personal contribution to CSR goals
  • During device implementation, there was no disruption to their service performance


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