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Drive Digital Transformation, maximise the value of your data and empower your teams to focus on more valuable work.
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Why your business needs Cognitive Capture

Our cognitive capture solutions use advanced machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to improve classification and data extraction, optimising your core processes to deliver better decisions. Easily configure and deploy capture technology to your team by taking advantage of our cloud services to automate and accelerate your document-driven processes.

Cognitive capture technology can be applied to a wide range of business processes, some of the most common are:


  • Accounts Payable Automation
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Claims Management
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Claims Processing
  • Loans Processing

How it works

Cognitive Capture is a highly scalable document workflow platform that intelligently captures, classifies, and transmits critical data from electronic or hardcopy documents and faxes to the right process workflows.

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Automated Entry
It begins with capturing your documents. CapturePoint bridges gap between digital and paper world, by converting multi-channel input documents into actionable data.
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Automated Classification
Next, CapturePoint uses automation to classify and organize the data into their proper workflows for further extraction and data validation.
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Machine Learning
CapturePoint then leverages proprietary algorithm and human verification cycles to classify the data that provides early detection of problems, improves quality assurance.
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Data Extraction
Next, CapturePoint extracts and builds on your data, by allowing multiple internal or external actions, which optimize your organization’s workflow and automates secure data sharing with suppliers & clients.
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Data Verification
CapturePoint leverages proprietary algorithm and human verification cycles that provides early detection of problems, improves quality assurance, reduces costs out of your operations, and gives you real time business intelligence.
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Data Export
CapturePoint then outputs your processed data accurately to any system, including ECMs, ERPs, EMRs, CRMs, and RPA, which reduces workload and costs in your systems.
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Data Monitoring
Web-based administration enables 24/7 monitoring from anywhere. It also provides multi-level administration, automatic notifications for critical failures, and analytics.
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Super fast solution deployment and configuration, either cloud or on premise, with minimum input required from IT.

Software as a Service, eliminating need for costly infrastructure deployment and management. Wide range of volume packs available starting from as little as 1,000 scan packs per annum, catering for small, medium and large enterprises.

Updates delivered automatically, increasing system performance and continually adding new features.

Hosted in Microsoft Azure, advance security and encryption as standard, related to both the platform and infrastructure layers. Complete with the latest data protection laws and GDPR regulations.

Hosted in Microsoft Azure cloud enables secure access for all users in the new hybrid working world.

Cloud service allows for easy scaling when volumes increase, without the need for additional investment in infrastructure.

Enhance Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Looking to incorporate Intelligent Capture into your Digital Transformation strategy?  Check out our 4 best practices to consider integrating Intelligent Capture and automating document-intensive workflows.



Cloud or On-Prem Platform

Using our cloud-based or on-premise platform, your team can access the intelligent functionality from any location to best suits your business needs.


With tight API integration, our solution is continously learning about your business needs to create customised verification elements and extraction results.

Intelligent Capture

Intelligent capture enables its capture functions to include unstructured documents and image cleanup and corrections. It also enables APIs to get immediate processing of documents with a direct response from the capture service eliminating process latency and improving the user experience.

Machine Learning

Our AI systems constantly respond to user feedback, allowing it to seamlessly adapt to irregular document formats and reducing the need for system support and other associated costs.

Automated Classification

Create image or text-based rules, to deliver automated classification and routing of inbound documents, straight to where they’re needed.

Multi-Channel Inputs

Using the agnostic to scanning feature, any digital document from multi-channel inputs can be scanned in to one workflow.

Secure Environment

The platform is SOC2 Type 1 certified and is designed to meet the criteria for the security and confidentiality principles set forth in TSP Section 100; 2017 Trust Services Criteria for Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, & Privacy, (AICPA); & Trust Services Criteria.

Reporting & Analytics

The real-time reporting and analytics features, allows users visibility over performance and error rates, improving the software’s ability to reach your company’s bespoke needs.

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What size businesses can benefit from this technology?

From small businesses to large corporations across all industries, customers are choosing cognitive capture solutions to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, minimize risk, ensure compliance, and completely transform their business processes.

Can this technology integrate with our current systems, for example; Sage, Xero, QuickBooks, Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, NetSuite, SAP?

In short yes, there isn’t a system we haven’t been able to connect with to date, out integrations tool enables connections with over 5000 business systems.

Can we use the platform to validate data against another business system?

Yes, using the integrations platform we are able to query in real time information in another system, helping to; reduce errors, reduce exceptions, prevent fraud.

Where do we go to get support?

Customers have direct access to a cloud ticketing solution enabling fast incident logging a resolution. Need support super quick? Follow up with a call to the Nustream Service Delivery team to ‘red flag’ the ticket!

Is our business data secure?

Hosted in Microsoft Azure, advance security and encryption as standard, related to both the platform and infrastructure layers. Full with the latest data protection laws and GDPR regulations.

Businesses don’t stand still. Stay ahead of tomorrow with our intelligent document solutions.   Optimise your workflows with the Nustream experts.