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Let go of the traditional mailroom of the past – automate incoming and outgoing mail with our Digital Mail Room Solution.
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Sorting through large volumes of incoming mail, manually entering data, and routing to the correct department increases a business’s operational cost. It also reduces customer response time and increases the risk of data loss and exposure.

As businesses move more and more towards hybrid and remote working, the days of workers sorting through an influx of paper-based content are long gone. Shifting to Nustreams more efficient Digital Mailroom Solution will reduce manual handling costs, as well as giving employees the ability to access electronic documents without moving from their computer.

The Evolved Digital Mailroom

Nustreams Digital Mailroom Solution transforms a simple digital mailroom with the power of The Cloud combined with Artificial Intelligence.

Document Intelligence

Artificial intelligence technology delivers faster and more accurate document processing across the business. Documents such as invoices, sales orders and contracts can be categorised using machine learning. Companies can capture documents, optimise for processing, convert to their preferred format, and extract necessary data, all from a mobile app.

Connected Systems

A Digital Mailroom often needs to allow for a connected systems approach, with inbound organisational data needing to be routed to more than one location, as well as a number of applications, software and databases. Our solution connects different systems, making it easy to process and share information securely.

Process Orchestration
Ever heard of Process Orchestration? It’s all about creating digital workflows for the mailroom by optimising your human and digital workforce. When used alongside Digital Mailroom automation, Process Orchestration makes it feasible to increase productivity without hiring more staff.
RPA (robotic process automation) streamlines mailroom workflows, keeping up with the increased demand of data and information coming into a business.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is the intelligent automation technology that streamlines mailroom workflows, saving time as well as money. RPA is scalable, so your company can keep up with the increased data flow coming into the organization.

Low-Code Platform

Pre-built connectors and templates enable your IT department to integrate the digital mailroom with little effort. Low-code features allow you to focus your resources instead towards digitisation, speeding up the process.

How our Digital Mailroom solution benefits businesses

Reduce the costs of paper-based processing

Paying mailroom staff to sort through incoming mail and other communications costs you more in terms of wages, but also in missed opportunities and potential efficiencies. Nustreams Digital Mailroom Solution lowers these costs via speedier business processes which is scalable across the entire enterprise for even bigger savings.


Respond faster to customers and vendors

Customers and vendors expect a fast and helpful response to any issue or enquiry. With an ever growing volume of queries, manual processing is doomed in its mission to keep pace with customer and supplier expectations. Document processing is turbo charged however with the introduction of our Digital Mailroom automation solution. Employees are then freed to focus on dealing with exceptions, which can now be processed in much shorter times.


Improve data accuracy

Manually processing inbound information will always be prone to mistakes, whether that’s a data input error or a message being sent to the wrong person. Errors slow down business operations, often increasing costs, and in some instances resulting in a negative customer experience. Our Digital Mailroom solution rules out any of these human errors, with all incoming data extracted, validated and routed accurately.


Ensure security and compliance of distributed documents

Digital documents offer an increased level of security than paper ones – after all you don’t need to worry about it going missing, plus you also have the ability to control who has access to specific content. Compliance is improved as a company is able to apply business rules for their bespoke industry regulations, plus an electronic audit trail provides businesses proof of records.


Digital Mailroom Features

Nustreams’ secure Digital Mailroom solution gives a single point of input for inbound paper and digital documents, standardising your mail and business processes using AI. 

Nustream 1
Automated Entry
It begins with capturing your documents. CapturePoint bridges gap between digital and paper world, by converting multi-channel input documents into actionable data.
Nustream 1
Nustream 2
Automated Classification
Next, CapturePoint uses automation to classify and organize the data into their proper workflows for further extraction and data validation.
Nustream 2
Nustream 3
Machine Learning
CapturePoint then leverages proprietary algorithm and human verification cycles to classify the data that provides early detection of problems, improves quality assurance.
Nustream 3
Nustream 4
Data Extraction
Next, CapturePoint extracts and builds on your data, by allowing multiple internal or external actions, which optimize your organization’s workflow and automates secure data sharing with suppliers & clients.
Nustream 4
Nustream 5
Data Verification
CapturePoint leverages proprietary algorithm and human verification cycles that provides early detection of problems, improves quality assurance, reduces costs out of your operations, and gives you real time business intelligence.
Nustream 5
Nustream 6
Data Export
CapturePoint then outputs your processed data accurately to any system, including ECMs, ERPs, EMRs, CRMs, and RPA, which reduces workload and costs in your systems.
Nustream 6
Nustream 7
Data Monitoring
Web-based administration enables 24/7 monitoring from anywhere. It also provides multi-level administration, automatic notifications for critical failures, and analytics.
Nustream 7
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