How are your business choices impacting the planet?

Sir David Attenborough and Prince William have recently brought environmental awareness to the forefronts of our minds. Their new campaign aims to find solutions to the world’s gravest environmental problems by 2030. At Nustream we are always seeking new ways to improve our green footprint and help our customers do the same. That’s why we offer Print Releaf.

Empowering our customers to sustain and grow our global forestry system

All our managed print service customers can contribute to the reforestation of global forests at the click of a button. The PrintReleaf programme allows customers to select the managed forestry projects where their trees will be planted, in addition to tracking and reporting on their direct reforestation impact. Amazing!


We are passionate about protecting the planet

Along with Print Releaf, at Nustream we are committed to finding other ways to minimise our customers environmental impact. This starts with selecting energy efficient products to disposing cartridges through our Eco Box program, keeping harmful chemicals and metals out of landfills.  We also help our customers monitor print habits of users through the Xerox Print Awareness Tool with the aim of changing them for the better. Check out our Green Policy  for more ways we reduce our footprint and that of our customers.


That’s why Nustream is an ideal partner towards creating a more sustainable planet.

Thank you Sir David and Prince William for highlighting such an important issue. Let’s save our planet, by doing our part. For more information about Print Releaf, or any other service we offer, click here.

If you’d like to make your business more sustainable, we’d love to help you

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