Richard Griffiths & Co are a highly experienced specialist solicitors providing personal, expert legal advice across Wiltshire and Hampshire.

Following one of Nustream’s successful Thought Leadership Seminars at Oxford Saïd Business School, Richard Griffiths & Co were keen to review their existing document management infrastructure to:

  • Gain visibility of cost and volumes
  • Ensure data security in line with SRA legal compliance
  • Identify document workflows that could be improved


Key Print Assessment Findings

Nustream undertook a thorough print assessment including talking to users across the business to understand document workflows and identify problems. The printing infrastructure totalled 40 printers and 8 photocopiers.

In reality, digital transformation was not required as the majority of staff engaged liked working with paper but felt that certain processes could be improved including electronic contract redaction, electronic comparison to highlight any differences and electronic annotation for documents.

Scanning documents was also important but the existing process was time intensive.



Nustream implemented a managed print solution allowing Richard Griffiths & Co to gain visibility of their cost and printing by device, user, department level and organisation. The solution allowed all users to secure print to devices, send and receive faxes electronically, implement easy-to-use print profiles which meant that each printer could be set to the paper requirements of the business e.g. letter head.

Nustream identified an opportunity for a one-touch scanning solution utilising Xerox® ConnectKey technology which comes as-standard with Xerox multi-functional devices (MFDs). High capacity duplex machines were installed to meet the high demand for printing. This allowed Richard Griffiths & Co to scan 170 images per minute securely.

To improve security, Xerox is the only printer manufacturer with McAfee Embedded Control whitelisting technology that constantly monitors for and protects against zero-day, polymorphic attacks via malware such as worms, viruses, Trojans and code injections.

As part of the setup, all the devices are scheduled to image overwrite to ensure hard drives are kept clean. The inbuilt McAfee security of the Xerox® devices also isolate any risk of USBs being plugged into devices for printing. All devices have end-to-end encryption.

Nustream provided a disposal service for digital devices including hard-drive destruction ISO certified to ensure the safe and secure destruction of data.



As a result of Nustream redesigning the print infrastructure, Richard Griffiths & Co Solicitors:

  • Improved the visibility of cost and volume by user, department, device, and organisation that the Managed Print Service (MPS) provides
  • Reduced volume on incumbent aging printer fleet utilising a behaviour change policy of encouraging the use of reliable MFDs
  • Improved uptime of incumbent devices
  • Experienced self-sufficient service – staff at Richard Griffiths & Co have remote support available online, on the website, over the phone and through helpdesk support to improve uptime of their existing printing fleet

Please contact the Nustream team for a free, no obligation print assessment.