Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) Automation

Our Artificial Intelligence based solution simplifies Subject Access Requests (SAR), saving companies time and money.
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Nustreams solution can help your business solve complex data privacy issues like, for example, the rapid processing of Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs). Processing is simplified by detecting relevant structured and unstructured data, even handwritten or multilingual documents. This is then used to collaborate with colleagues, then quickly redacted, securely shared and finally tracked.

How It Works


Collate Information

Start by uploading all relevent information (including handwritten and multilingual documents). Data is read, catalogued, and validated to determine it’s sensitivity.





High-fidelity renditions of all of the information of interest are generated. This allows for the  review and one-touch redaction of either a single, a discrete group, or a global data set.




Once the review stage is complete and documents redacted, disclosures can be shared securely externally via a secure link.




Our DSAR Solution can save your business 90% of time taken to review and redact sensitive information.



Improved information security with all detection, reviews, redaction and disclosures being undertaken within the solutions secure environment.

Quality And Integrity

Improve the quality and integrity of the review and redaction process.

Time Saving

Save time with the bulk redaction tool which allows for instantly redaction at the click of a button, even on scanned
documents and images.

Cost Savings

Cost savings are acheived with a saving in employee time of up to 90% on traditional review and redact processes.

Regulatory Compliance

Our solution is designed to make it simpler for companies to  to meet their regulatory compliance objectives.

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