Financial Process Automation

Automate accounts payable invoicing so the most manual tasks are completed instantly and efficiently without you ever having to lift a finger.
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Not only does automating financial tasks save valuable hours compared to manual accounting, but it can also protect your data, limit errors, and provide greater insight into the overall health of your business. AP automation from Nustream allows companies to receive invoices, manage approvals and process payments automatically.

How Does AP Automation Work?

AP Automation software is equipped with intelligent optical character recognition (OCR) technologies which integrates both artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) software’s to automate accounts payable invoice and payment processes.

Automation for accounts payable takes place in five stages:

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Automated Entry
It begins with capturing your documents. CapturePoint bridges gap between digital and paper world, by converting multi-channel input documents into actionable data.
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Automated Classification
Next, CapturePoint uses automation to classify and organize the data into their proper workflows for further extraction and data validation.
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Machine Learning
CapturePoint then leverages proprietary algorithm and human verification cycles to classify the data that provides early detection of problems, improves quality assurance.
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Data Extraction
Next, CapturePoint extracts and builds on your data, by allowing multiple internal or external actions, which optimize your organization’s workflow and automates secure data sharing with suppliers & clients.
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Data Verification
CapturePoint leverages proprietary algorithm and human verification cycles that provides early detection of problems, improves quality assurance, reduces costs out of your operations, and gives you real time business intelligence.
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Data Export
CapturePoint then outputs your processed data accurately to any system, including ECMs, ERPs, EMRs, CRMs, and RPA, which reduces workload and costs in your systems.
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Data Monitoring
Web-based administration enables 24/7 monitoring from anywhere. It also provides multi-level administration, automatic notifications for critical failures, and analytics.
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How accounts payable automation benefits business owners

Time Savings

AP Automation software makes the invoice processing and approval faster and more efficient by eliminating many of the manual stages of invoice processing. Businesses with an ever-increasing volume of invoices requiring processing every day would benefit from Nustreams Financial Process Automation Solution by reducing turnaround time to just minutes.



Improve Efficiency

Automation streamlines the invoicing and payment process, improving efficiency by reducing the number of manual mistakes, and reducing the time wasted between the transition of physical to digital documents. Our solution facilitates all of the formats that your business receives data, whether that’s by paper, pdf or spreadsheet.


Reduce Costs

Automation helps reduce staff costs by reducing time intensive manual data entry that is involved in the process. Besides this, AP automation can also reduce the costs involved in document storage, postage, and invoice production.



Improve Cash Flow

Our solution helps businesses to improve cash flow management by speeding up financial close and audit procedures. Forecasting can be performed as soon as financial documents are received into the business.



Improve Supplier Relationships

Our AP automation solution will allow you to provide consistently accurate, on-time supplier payments and help your business to resolve any disputes rapidly.


Improve Compliance

Automating AP processes makes the process completely transparent, so that the risks of fraud can be tracked and prevented. Duplicate invoices will be flagged to your AP employees along with any additional charges and suspicious activity.



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