Austin Fraser provide technical recruitment services within the Engineering, IT and Life Sciences sectors. With an office in Munich, Germany multipage contracts in German are often exchanged with the Reading, UK branch and require translating into English. The incumbent translation service took a day to turnaround and was expensive.

Nustream installed two new Xerox SMART i-Series ConnectKey multifunctional printers (MFPs) enabled devices with the Xerox Easy Translation Service app. On a Xerox MFP, the Xerox Easy Translation Service app lets you scan a document, and then translate it into more than 35 languages following the format of the original document. The output of the document can be as a hardcopy or as a digital file. There are 20 file output formats available. The Xerox Easy Translation Service can also be accessed on a smartphone, tablet or via a laptop.

The Xerox Easy Translation Service is different to the copy-and-paste content translation services such as Google Translate or Bing Translator. Whilst these services provide a basic understanding of a documents contents, the quality is not great. They are inadequate if you’re trying to establish the final details of a business deal or tailoring product descriptions to local markets.

The Xerox Easy Translation Service offers multiple levels of translation: express, professional and expert:

Express: offers machine translation with human post-editing.

Professional: uses language professionals to translate contracts, proposals and other business documents. A dedicated editor then proofreads the translated results.

Expert: Enlists experts in business, scientific and other highly-specialised content to translate the documents.

The service is operated by ABBYY under license from Xerox. There are strong safeguards in place to protect sensitive customer information. All data that gets translated is then destroyed. All human translators sign strict NDAs and the company’s internal translation workflow process redacts certain information ensuring that they do not get all information regarding sensitive business dealings.

With 24/7 availability Austin Fraser now has access to the translated contracts at a touch of a button saving time and money.

“The reliance on outside translation services will greatly reduce due to the convenience of this feature.” Austin Fraser IT Manager

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