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Unleashing the power of data through analytics. The foundation of the Intelligent Workplace.
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Innovative apps that open up surprising new capabilities making your Xerox® printer a true digital workplace assistant to streamline your workflows and get more done.

How it works

Our Intelligent Workplace Assessment enables accurate calculations of Total Costs of Ownership, annual Print Volumes and Environmental Impact: this analytics-based approach helps you understand the full scope of your print environment across all devices and is a crucial starting point to build a business case for change. The Assessment includes a detailed future state solution design, based on your unique business requirements.



Improved Security

Improve security by flagging unauthorised content being printed, or users printing outside of working hours.

Improved Productivity

Boost employee productivity by identifying inefficient paper-intensive processes and replacing them with lean digital ones.

Improved Efficiency

Make your workplace more efficient by designing an optimal print environment with high device utilisation to reduce costs while providing the right functionality.

Improved Sustainability

Meet sustainability initiatives by redesigning the print  infrastructure to improve overall power and carbon consumption, including paper and trees.

Environmental Audit And Benefits


What is the difference between print reduction and paper reduction?

Print reduction involves reducing print via a Print Management tool, whereas paper reduction involves the identification and removal of bad paper e.g. documents that are in paper format, but without any compelling reason to be so.

Does the assessment include paper and archived documents?

A Nustream assessment can address the vast banks of filing cabinets and other repositories for paper-based documents. This storage often remains unlocked and unsecured. Assessments can lead to better ways to access, share and secure document information.

Can the assessment track all printer manufactures?

An assessment discovers make, model and number of devices are in your environment, where they are, what work they’re doing and what capabilities are empowered on each device.

How long does the assessment take?

It will depend on the scope of the assessment, the data gathering tolls ideally need to run for 30 days, the report can typically be produced within a week of this. More complete assessments such as document security can be performed whist the data gathering is running.

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