What is the Captain Tom 100 Challenge?

Sir Captain Tom Moore became a household name last year, through his commitment to raising money, to support the NHS. It came at a time where charities’ main sources of fundraising were cut and some even completely shut down, when they were needed the most.

His efforts not only lead to £38.9 million in donations, but also inspired the nation, to remain hopeful in the most challenging of circumstances and start their own initiatives, to support the vulnerable in their community.

Today would have been his birthday, and in honour of his legacy, a movement has been set up, to encourage people to create their own fundraising challenges, based around the number 100.

What has Nustream done?

Foodbanks became inundated during the pandemic, seeing an 110% increase of users. This demand is not surprising, considering the universal hardships that the pandemic has caused.

In a time of such difficulty, it is more important than ever, that we become united as a community and support each other to ensure “no one will walk alone”.

Nustream is taking part by donating 100 items for the West Berkshire food bank. We will also continue to support them, and other local charities, after the challenge is over to make sure momentum of the movement is not lost and his legacy lives on.

What can you do?

It’s simple, do anything around the number 100, from 100 star jumps to knitting 100 mittens for the homeless. Share your initiative online to raise money and inspire others to get involved.

Lets work together to build and maintain a community where everyone is supported.



For more information on ways you can fundraise and donate, visit: Captain Tom 100

Thank you, Sir Captain Tom, for uniting the nation, once again.