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Hybrid working has meant the adoption of less secure devices and practices, drastically expanding security risks. With flexible working here to stay, addressing the growing attack surface is vital.

Ask yourself this:

Do you know how your workers are printing, sharing and accessing documents between home and work? Or how they are storing and using sensitive digital data?  Document security is often lower on the security agenda than other elements of IT, but in the past 12 months over two thirds of businesses have experienced data losses due to unsecure printing practices. Worryingly nearly a third of SMBs reporting that such losses have led to lost customers.

Document Security

Security is critical to all organisations, no matter the size. At Nustream, we equip printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) with several secure print features to protect your businesses most sensitive information. Our solutions ensure digital data is safeguarded whenever you share it via the cloud and mobile devices. Managed Print Services is one of many routes that we ensure document security for our clients.


SECURITY FEARS - 45% of employees have shared sensitive documents using personal file sharing accounts.

Enabling Zero Trust Security

To stay ahead of rising cybersecurity threats, organisations need new, more powerful security strategies. Zero Trust is a robust security model that provides access to the right users and devices while improving an organisation’s overall security posture.

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