About Hybrid Mail

Nustream are revolutionising the post service and changing the way that post is sent and delivered.

Built on the vision of “making post easy”. This means that you can expect to have a simple experience with the software and have the knowledge that your post is being handled with care.

Hybrid Mail explained

Send post from your PC

Whether you’re sending the occasional letter or post a thousand at a time, using Hybrid Mail is as easy as ‘drag and drop’.


Ways we can help you reduce spending

Digital document workflows – Nustream will help you reduce the reliance on expensive document creation software and create workflows that send your letters exactly how they should be posted.

Creating engaging email – Nustream know what engages and what doesn’t. We can support the development of letters that prompt action from your recipients.

Email some of your letters – We can work with you to email relevant letters to your customers. An automated trigger can be set to send a copy in the post if the email is unopened.

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