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With more and more of us finally making our way back into the office, health and safety will be high on everyone’s agenda. One safety issue that could be overlooked, however, are the communal printers we all touch daily. Luckily Nustream has our lovely customers covered, with a free and easy solution!

Introducing the FREE Xerox Touchless Access App…

The Xerox Touchless Access App offers an easier, safer and FREE way to use your Xerox Versalink and Altalink printers, with your mobile device. Just scan the QR code with your phone and access functions like copy, print and scan – without having to touch the printer or downloading an app to your mobile device.

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Make your office safer.

The Benefits


Keep your workforce safe by minimising contact with shared MFPs in the office.


Take advantage of cloud technology via a simple mobile web app for fast access to print copy and scan – saving your team time.


The app works via the cloud, removing the need for your mobile device connection to the organisation’s local IT network. This enables you to maintain all of the security you would expect from Xerox.


Quickly and easily scan to email, SMB and sFTP network locations, making it easier for your team to stay productive.

How to install

Quick and FREE to install on your Xerox ConnectKey enabled device. Simply get in touch with one of our lovely experts, who will guide you through the setting up process.

To start making your office safer today…

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