As we are heading to the first anniversary of the launch of WFC, we have seen significant changes in the way that we work. 

Hybrid working has grown significantly which is driving the digital workforce, which in turn drives digital transformation which improves productivity.  It is true to say that we no longer go to work but our work comes to us. 

 Works Flow Central helps the real-life challenges that we face in the workplace – we still need to take notes and share them with a co-worker.  As hard as you try, you still are challenging to find time to read everything that I’m sent to help me make a well-informed decision.  Sometimes, the team will receive critical documents, which are not in my native language. Also, I still would like to edit documents that I am sent, but the office cannot amend/edit some documents and we end up recreating them. 

Why Workflow Central: 

Workflow Central (WFC) opportunities for businesses to work flexibly but it rests on a secure infrastructure hosted in Cloud using Microsoft Azure.  Following the launch, some new features have been deployed this month. 

NEW features available from 1st June Workflow Central V2 : 

You can now upload documents directly from the cloud repository including selecting multiple files in one upload. Along with choosing specific pages you wish to transform from a larger document.  Other new developments for documents are being able to process documents to your favourite cloud repository such as Dropbox or Google Doc. Once you’ve finished, the portal can hold the document.  

New output changes, there is now the option to email, download and print your processed document, but more than that, WFC can make gives you the options to enable encryption and tracking on your email documents, so you can be confident in sending sensitive information. You will also get an email confirmation once this has been received. Another new level of security added gives Admin the option to hide functions from the user’s view and change output/input features.  

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For further information, contact Lauren Wheeler – WFC Champion