Why We Love the Xerox Print Awareness Tool So Much

How aware are you exactly of just what happens in your business’ print environment? We’re sure you have pretty comprehensive and up-to-date print policies and undertake regular print assessments. So you’re hopefully pretty sharp on how much you print and how sustainable it all is. But how about each individual employee in your organisation? How much do you think they know about their printing habits…?

Most companies are committed to cutting down on their print volumes and becoming more environmentally friendly wherever possible. But the real changes come when individuals within the organisation take responsibility for their own printing. Lecturing them and sending them emails and reminding them not to print if they can help it is all well and good, but accountability here will come from actual conscious thought.

So, then. How can you get people to spare a thought about what they print? Well, you can give them the means to actually explore their printing habits and the impact of them. Perhaps the best way of doing this is by installing the Xerox Print Awareness Tool and letting everyone in the company loose at it.

The Print Awareness Tool from Xerox gets installed on a user’s network or machine and runs silently in the background. It monitors all print activity and provides numerical and visually represented print data whenever the user requires it, updating them with statistics whenever they want them. The tool is also able to identify opportunities that arise to improve their print behaviour and print less volume or in a way that’s more efficient.

With access to the Print Awareness Tool, your employees will be able to:

Truly Understand & Appreciate their Print Environment

Knowledge is power. Gifting your workforce the opportunity to see their own personal impact on the print environment they’re in, will allow them to take responsibility and – hopefully – they’ll soon want to cut down on what they send to print wherever possible.

The tool is easy to access, navigate and understand. Meaning they can see how what they do matters. Engaging with a print policy isn’t high on many people’s list of priorities when it’s an intangible concept. So make it tangible. Give them constant access to the numbers and targets.

Be Able Change & Improve the Print Behaviour Within the Organisation

It’s all well and good being told from up above to print less for various reasons, but if printing makes your life easier, why stop? Well, there are plenty of reasons. And the data from this tool underlines them. The figures may prove startling and cause an instant behavioural change. Others may take time, but most people who use the tool should change their attitude to printing and enact change eventually.

Save the Company Money

Okay, so an employee wants their employer to succeed financially. It’s in everyone’s best interests, after all. But for most workers, their company’s balance sheets don’t keep them up at night. But few people actively embrace wastefulness. Once the tool shows your workforce how much money they’re wasting, they’ll naturally want to cut down. And that’s great news for your bottom line.

Be Part of Mastering Sustainability

The Print Awareness Tool offers advice as well as insights. Eco tips are available to help demonstrate to everyone with access just how they can go about helping the environment with their approach to printing at work. Reinforce the importance of this advice and your carbon footprint will be reduced in no time. Sustainability is a huge motivator for a lot of people, so this is great for the environment as well as being a value-added bonus to many of your employees.

Demonstrate Your Business’ Innovative Approach

Most organisations take pride in innovation and coming up with smart and sensible new ways of streamlining their processes and becoming more efficient, sustainable and ethically sound. Taking advantage of this tool demonstrates to everyone at all levels that your company truly cares about efficiency and cutting down on waste and is fully prepared to invest in it.

So there you have it. Our thoughts on the Xerox Print Awareness Tool. An extremely useful addition to your arsenal and one that we think can really help you win the war on unnecessary printing.

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