Cruse Oxfordshire are part of the National Charity – Cruse Bereavement Care. With over 50 years of service and staffed almost entirely of volunteers, the charity helps meet the needs of those suffering from the effects of grief.

Key Print Assessment Findings

Cruse Oxfordshire wanted to reduce the cost of printing whilst maintaining high-quality colour printing for pamphlets and other office functionalities including email and fax.


Nustream implemented the award-winning innovative Solid-Ink printing technology with ConnectKey, exclusive to Xerox. With its three-tier colour billing functionality, Cruse Oxfordshire were able to continue to print exceptional colour quality documents whilst significantly reducing cost of production. The ConnectKey technology allowed Cruse to use Single Touch scan features making it faster to store and email documents.


Cruse Oxfordshire saw a 60% reduction in printing costs. The solution improved productivity with time-saving ConnectKey technology, ease-of-use and maintenance meaning volunteers could get back to what they do best. Cruse Oxfordshire also reduced their environmental impact.

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