Calling all businesses… the Xerox Document Analytics Service can help your business to reduce paper usage and cost whilst improving work flow and productivity.

The Xerox Document Analytics Service helps businesses of all sizes to understand how, where and why documents are used across the organisation.

So what does the service involve?

We work collaboratively with your domain experts to gather quantitative data and qualitative insight to identify opportunities, risks and anomalies within your document processes and provide recommendations for improvement.

The key steps are outlined below:

  • Collaborative Engagement Process:
    • We work with your subject matter experts every step of the way to understand your business needs and pain points.
    • An initial kick-off meeting helps set the objectives and a final workshop provides a forum for reviewing results and recommendations.
  • Comprehensive Audit:
    • We undertake a comprehensive audit to provide detailed information about printing and document filing. This includes:
      • Looking at print stream data from managed print services (MPS) systems, network logs and third-party accounting systems
      • Physical audit data for all printers, including location and machine configuration and specifications
      • Complete audit of all documents stored across the organisation, including paper stored in filing cabinets
  • Employee Engagement:
    • Effective change management requires an understanding of why people do the things they do. We use tailored web-based surveys based on the needs of your organisation and business processes to gather data about employee behaviour. One-to-one interviews are then carried out to gain further insight into processes and workflows.
  • Innovative visualisation and modelling provide deep insight:
    • The visualisation and modelling tools provide a simple way of analysing the data, allow for comparative analysis and to look at the broad effects of change using what-if scenarios.
  • Actionable Report:
    • At the end of the process a summary report detailing the recommendations for future actions along with benchmark data compared to peer organisations is provided.

What are the benefits?

    • Cost reduction: A reduction in print and document workflow costs by up to and over 50% a year
    • Improved productivity through the optimisation of your document management processes
    • An unburdened in-house IT
    • Continual process improvement

To learn more and book your free document analytics and workflow assessment call our friendly team on 01865 598 777 or register your details for a free document analytics and workflow assessment.