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The Lowdown on Hybrid Mail Innovation never stops. Especially in business. When emerging technologies can be applied to your workflows, you use them. After all, if a new invention, piece of software or program can streamline what you do, help you be more efficient and make you a better-run company, you’d be daft…(Read More)

The Xerox Print Awareness Tool is Not to Be Underestimated

Why We Love the Xerox Print Awareness Tool So Much How aware are you exactly of just what happens in your business’ print environment? We’re sure you have pretty comprehensive and up-to-date print policies and undertake regular print assessments. So you’re hopefully pretty sharp on how much you print and how…(Read More)

why most print assessments are a total waste of time

To avoid total print chaos and take full stock of just how much printing is happening in your organisation – and how much you’re spending and wasting – print assessments make sense, right? Theoretically, that should be the case, anyway. But it doesn’t always work out like that. In fact, most print assessments are a…(Read More)

paperless office

Is The Paperless Office Finally Becoming a Reality? ‘The paperless office’. Is it an achievable goal that we’re all heading towards or a mostly unrealistic pipe dream…? The concept of a working environment that’s entirely print-free has been talked about for decades now. The idea was first mooted in a Bloomberg Businessweek…(Read More)

sustainable print strategy

10 Signs You Should Invest In a Sustainable Print Strategy ‘Sustainable print strategy.’ When you read a term like that you can be forgiven for thinking of it as a kind of new-age approach to printing in the workplace. Recycled paper, signs and email footers encouraging everyone not to print things unnecessarily, that sort…(Read More)


Most modern working environments are pretty hectic places. Organisations need to run smoothly and efficiently to really operate at their full potential. The easiest way to ensure that a company is a well-oiled machine is to refine and automate its simple, everyday business practices.  Welcome to Robotic Process Automation. Successful organisations are building their…(Read More)

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