My First Week as a Marketing Intern – Nustream

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Week One: It is week two of my summer internship as the Marketing Intern at Nustream. The first week has flown by with early mornings (normal for most people but I’m used to student starts), meetings and online learning of both Nustream and Xerox, and the latest digital solutions to ‘help your work flow’. About Me [...]

Boost your digital transformation journey

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How can your business boost digital transformation? We are all too aware of the dramatic workplace changes afoot. At work and as customers we expect 24/7 responsiveness and easy, seamless user experiences. Organisations are becoming more digitised, distributed and mobile. A fundamental shift is underway. Spending on digital transformation is to set to increase by 42% [...]

Introducing the Xerox Colour C60 Printer

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Win more business with the Xerox Colour C60 Printer Serious about colour? Then the Xerox Colour C60 is the printer of choice. It allows enterprise customers to produce outstanding colour in-house. Your business can benefit by winning more business by keeping applications in-house and meeting tight timeframes. The C60 can print Signs, ID cards, Window Clings, [...]

“You Print One, We’ll Plant One” – Print Releaf

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Truly Green Printing with Print Releaf Prince Harry and Meghan have kicked off July advocating action to save our planet. Well at Nustream we are always seeking new ways to improve our green footprint and help our customers do the same. That’s why we are one of only a handful of Xerox concessionaires in the UK [...]

The Lowdown on Hybrid Mail

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The Lowdown on Hybrid Mail Innovation never stops. Especially in business. When emerging technologies can be applied to your workflows, you use them. After all, if a new invention, piece of software or program can streamline what you do, help you be more efficient and make you a better-run company, you’d be daft to ignore it. [...]

Why We Love the Xerox Print Awareness Tool So Much

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Why We Love the Xerox Print Awareness Tool So Much How aware are you exactly of just what happens in your business’ print environment? We’re sure you have pretty comprehensive and up-to-date print policies and undertake regular print assessments. So you’re hopefully pretty sharp on how much you print and how sustainable it all is. But [...]

Lock Down Your Printed Output Security Risks with Follow Me Printing

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Lock Down Your Printed Output Security Risks with Follow Me Printing Security is a big deal. Personal security, home security, business security. We all value and crave the kind of peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything is safe and sound. Ensuring that an organisation’s data is secure is vital. It always has been, [...]

Quarterly Reviews – How to Make Sure You’re Really Getting Managed Print Value

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Quarterly Reviews - How to Make Sure You're Really Getting Managed Print Value In the last blog we brought to you, we delved deep into the world of print assessments. We explained what you should and shouldn't expect from the process and talked you through how the ultimate print assessment should look. And that's all handy [...]

Why most Print Assessments are a Total Waste of Time

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To avoid total print chaos and take full stock of just how much printing is happening in your organisation - and how much you're spending and wasting - print assessments make sense, right? Theoretically, that should be the case, anyway. But it doesn't always work out like that. In fact, most print assessments are a complete [...]

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid… of the 4 Scariest Printer Security Risks

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Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid... of the 4 Scariest Printer Security Risks At this time of year, thoughts often turn to the ghoulish, the frightening and the macabre. Whether it's poltergeists, witches or zombies that creep you out, or just the prospect of dozens of children banging on your door all night begging for undeserved free [...]