Communication, Made Personal

Nustream has partnered with XMPie to provide a software solution allowing you to connect with your customers seamlessly, efficiently, and at scale.
The software is the leading technology for engaging your audiences with personalised, relevant communications across Print and Digital media touchpoints.

Many Channels. One Conversation.

Explore what you can do with XMPie

This technology combines the power of variable data one-to-one marketing, web-to-web print solutions, and cross-media campaign management in a single, scalable platform.

Capture your audience’s attention through company-related communications and visuals. Encourage recipients to respond by personalising print campaigns through an automated production system. The software has an open architecture that allows you to start anywhere, add capabilities, and protect your investment all along the way.
The purpose of the XMPie technology/solution is to serve various media channels by integrating the design, logic and data. The software is designed to ease channel integration, without compromising on creativity, in order to create an effective Cross Media customer experience.
Digitalise your print business and expand your market reach, to attract new customers and grow your revenue. Increase your relevance to customers with static and variable print-on-demand offerings and impress them with a new set of capabilities.
Manage engaging holistic campaigns across all marketing channels. Monitor campaign reports and determine which messages most successful, in which context and in which media. Modify your campaigns and maximise your Return On Investment (ROI).

If you would like to find out more information about this software solution, please fill out the form below and our sales team will be in touch shortly.