Making work, work for you.

How you create a strong brand and culture is integral to delivering your vision or mission. But how do you hold onto the essence of what you started, and not lose or dilute it in the rush to grow your organisation?

To keep the brand strong and keep the culture alive, here are our top tips!:


Storytelling, the great leveller, the ice breaker that brings people together. Recently we heard a corker from a Xerox Service Manager, which left the office in hysterics. Originally used to educated, entertain and demonstrate boundaries, stories showed communities how to live; highlight the rewards of success and the consequences to those that did not follow suit.

When maintaining a culture within your organisation, its vital to remember the original values. If you work for a faceless organisation, where the company name is used instead of an individual, when attributing issues or frustration, it is entirely likely that the story of your business has been lost, as the essence of what the company was has been diluted.

Reinforce anecdotes and stories from when the company started. This will only help to solidify the values that are at the core of your organisation. Whist, it might not be the good old days, it’s important to remember the triumphs and inspire those within your team.

Be the brand in what you say and do:

There is a responsibility to be a role model when you own your business or lead a team of individuals. How can we sit and talk about the brand values, if we cannot reflect them in our everyday lives?

Here at Nustream, the values that we aspire to deliver everyday are –

Honesty, Dependable but Independent, Bright & Savvy.

We reinforce these values by personal actions to our clients and staff, that demonstrate our reliability and transparency.

Live to Work or Work to Live?:

Given that the majority of our lifetime is spent working, do you want to live to work or work to live? Regardless of your position within an organisation, the key fact in every moment of every day, is to check in with yourself – are you enjoying the journey?

It is a phrase that the Nustream Leadership team use a lot. Sadly, the retirement age keeps creeping up, which means the wait till the good life is only getting longer. We shouldn’t feel like we must wait for retirement to enjoy our lives. We believe in living in the present, enjoying our work, and taking pleasure from the journey. In the office, we chat about weekend plans or team members’ aspirations over a coffee, and we share in their excitement.

Enjoying the journey is about surrounding yourselves with customers, staff and experiences that bring you joy. It means being proud of your actions every day and not compromising on the commitment that you have to yourself, your business, and your people. It means enjoying each day at work – This is part of our Nustream brand and our culture.