Business Processes

Accounts Payable

Automating Accounts

Accounts Payable is a core business function for managing cash flow and supplier relationships.
Fostering a refined accounts payable process can help enhance accuracy of your cash flow forecasts and therefore your position to improve liquidity, mitigate potential funding gaps and realise higher profits. You could also benefit by strengthening your negotiating power, extend payment terms and increase warranty periods.

Nustream’s strengths lie in addressing understanding the immediate and long-term goals for improving processes and reducing paperwork, data entry and duplication.

Examples of our successes in Accounts Payable include:

  • Invoice processing
  • Payment workflow
  • Approval workflow
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Purchase Order verification
  • Goods receipting
  • Expense claim management
  • General Ledger Coding
  • Data capture and extraction
  • Exception reporting
  • Duplication identification
  • Payment alerts and reminders
  • Payment reconciliation

Case Management

Bespoke | Simple | Accessible

Every company manages high quantities of data in cases and projects including insurance to law firms, schools and colleges to financial advisors. Being able to access cases quickly is vital. It has been estimated that searching for documents take about 20% of an employee’s time.

Electronically manage complaints, insurance claims, student records and legal cases. Eliminate the cost of filing and storage and maximise the collaborative nature required to effectively close the case.
Our Solutions Architects can design solutions for your business to electronically manage the following and relate them to specific cases in a central, secure and searchable location.

  • Depositions
  • Complex transactions
  • Memoranda
  • Personnel documents
  • Sensitive and confidential data


Maintaining compliance

Evidencing compliance with regards to government legislation and regulations can be complicated and require rigid workflows as a result.

Nustream can assist with:

  • Visitor and Contractor Sign-In
  • Occupational Health & Safety Reporting
  • Quality Service Certification
  • Material safety data sheets
  • Safety induction
  • Incident and Hazard reports
  • Standards compliance
  • Acceptance statements
  • Security of information
  • Quality management
  • ISO
  • Training management
  • Audits

Human Resources

Managing people

Human Resources has several functions in a company from recruitment; employee relations; payroll, benefits and compensation; and employee records and personal policies. Nustream’s solutions enable your business to take control and simplify Human Resource processes.

Our Nustream team can help with

  • Employee on-boarding
  • Leave approvals
  • Health and Safety Incidents
  • Compliance
  • Induction
  • Certification
  • Training
  • Employee competency
  • Recruitment
  • Timesheets
  • Benefits
  • Records management
  • Development
  • Capture and storage of unstructured documents

Contract Management

Accessible | Visible | Secure | Compliant

Managing contract creation, execution and analysis of contracts made with customers, vendors, partners or employees often involve a plethora of complex processes.

Nustream can simplify your contract processes by automating the contract lifecycle improving access, security and visibility of contracts whilst reducing administrative tasks and physical storage needed.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Real-time, meaningful data at your fingertips

Dealing with one of your biggest assets – data – can be a daunting task and take time and effort to analyse. Business intelligence dashboards provide a single, interactive compilation of your business’ performance from a wide range of data sources.

From finance (profit and cashflow in realtime) to sales (sales YTD and MTD against target) to operations (print volume and trends) to management (KPIs) – a single reporting tool can help to empower your firm to improve performance through more accurate decision making.

Benefits of a central automated reporting tool include:

  • Proactive alerts that highlight immediate issues, shortfalls, trends and opportunities;
  • Easy-to-digest visual view of relevant data;
  • Performance improvement throughout the organization through the provision of useful real-time data

Nustream offer business intelligent packages to drive improved organisational performance:

  • Highly configurable, easy-to-use, intuitive Business Intelligent Dashboards
  • Xerox Business Intelligence Platform – an interactive, visual print data dashboard.

Mobility & Field Operations

Mobile workforce

As a result of digital transformation, the modern business landscape has changed. The higher demand for eCommerce and instant information or feedback means business processes and systems need to accommodate the new customer and supplier expectations. Nustream has developed industry-leading solutions to provide:

  • Field transactions
  • Document mobility
  • Information mobility
  • Mobile workflows
  • Real-time information capture
  • Sign on Glass technology
  • eForms
  • Offline functionality
  • Flexible hardware options
  • Delivery management
  • GPS tracking
  • Mobile Proof of Delivery
  • Geo tagging
  • Vehicle & operator compliance checklist

Proof of Delivery

Reduce Risk

The movement of important documentation throughout – and between large organisations is complex. Therefore, transactional documents are key to smooth operations. We assist in document management throughout many aspects of business including warehousing, logistics, and along the supply chain.

To assist you in creating a business environment of greater efficiency and streamlined customer service, we developed a range of ‘Proof of Delivery’ solutions, including:

  • Reconciliation of outgoing/incoming documentation
  • Automated barcode recognition of documents Instantaneous storage, search and retrieval
  • Transactional documents search portal
  • Client self-service portal
  • Condition of goods
  • Exception reporting
  • Data & content extraction
  • Third party logistics
  • Documentation
  • ERP integration
  • POD mobility

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