Xerox ConnectKey Technology – Introducing the SMART Workplace Assistant of the future


Xerox ConnectKey Technology – Introducing the SMART Workplace Assistant of the future

Gartner’s digital workplace vision for the future has been fully embraced with Xerox’s new multifunctional device (MFD) ConnectKey technology. Regardless of your organisation’s size, no longer will your printing technology be on the periphery of business operations. With the Xerox SMART printer it will be at its heart.

A core catalyst to this change is Xerox’s award winning BLI ConnectKey Technology. Offered on two new product lines: VersaLink and AltaLink technology – ConnectKey now comes as standard at no additional cost.

ConnectKey technology ushers in a brave new world of opportunities and possibilities to its users and presents untold benefits to business smart enough to take advantage of it.

The uniqueness of the award winning technology is that it offers the ability for users to download apps to improve workflows straight to the device without the need for central IT or professional services support.

So how can Xerox’s Workplace Assistant technology help your business…?

Translate documents into more than 35+ languages, print-on-the-cloud, customise workflows. Just some of the technology available to end-users with ConnectKey technology.

Oui! Si! With ConnectKey technology – your MFD can translate documents into over 35 different languages. SMART, right? This is just one of many impressive ConnectKey apps.

Some of our favourite features about Xerox’s exciting ConnectKey technology include:

  • Tablet-like interface – touch, swipe and scroll just like your mobile or tablet
  • Mobile and Cloud ready – print from the cloud – there is no need to login to a computer, scan documents directly to where they need to be
  • Benchmark Print Security – Comprehensive security measures with McAfee technology
  • Customised apps – end-users can add, delete and modify apps for your needs to streamline workflows to reduce business process costs

An MFD that evolves with emerging office technology

ConnectKey app development means that the workplace MFD does not stand still as more advanced workflows are being developed all the time. Recent apps include voice-enabled device usage and management app using Amazon’s Alexa and an app called “Connect Us” which lists your service call and consumables order history display.

And that isn’t the end…

The new Xerox VersaLink and AltaLink products are “Managed Print Service Ready” – offering embedded features relating to:

  • Print governance and compliance
  • Managed security
  • Managed sustainability – both environmentally and fiscally
  • Device management
  • Mobile printing

So there we have it your MFD is no longer a noise in the corner – the Xerox Workplace Assistant MFD technology is a valuable contribution to streamlining your business and driving cost reduction. If you want to find out more about how it can help your business why not contact us?

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