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Sustainable Printing – A Green Future


Sustainable Printing – A Green Future

In January 2018 the UK government published “A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to improve the Environment”. It sets out the UK’s goal to promote ambitious economic and environmental policies to mitigate climate change and deliver clean, green growth.

Momentum for positive change is growing. At Nustream we are always looking at ways to reduce our own and our customers’ carbon footprint.

Our Managed Print Services focus on managing your printing fleet efficiently to reduce the environmental impact of printing and make significant savings on resourcing.

Our Xerox technology is designed to use resources efficiently and comes with in-built features to minimise waste. We even have cartridge-free ink technology – Solid Ink – which can reduce waste substantially by up to 90 percent.

Here are some top tips to help reduce your paper waste:

  • Set your print drivers:
    • As default to print on both sides of the paper
    • Adjust settings for emails to print in just black and white
  • Use print awareness tools:
    • To help users to become self aware of their printing habits
  • Use recycled paper or paper certified to sustainable management standards (FSC or SFI)
  • Implement pull printing:
    • This is where print jobs have to be released by a user at the printer using a card or PIN to claim them
  • Use print analytics:
    • To understand printing behaviour in the organisation by device, user and department to spot areas of opportunity to streamline processes and drive down waste including when consumables are being replaced to ascertain if they are being changed too early
  • Recycle used consumables
  • Implement revolutionary technology such as Xerox Solid Ink technology which can reduce waste by up to 90 percent.

Still not convinced? Check out our blog article “10 Signs You Should Invest In a Sustainable Print Strategy” which sets out the benefits from a more sustainable print strategy.

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