Truly Green Printing with Print Releaf

Prince Harry and Meghan have kicked off July advocating action to save our planet. Well at Nustream we are always seeking new ways to improve our green footprint and help our customers do the same. That’s why we are one of only a handful of Xerox concessionaires in the UK to offer Print Releaf.

Print Releaf is based on a theme of “you print one, we’ll plant one”. Print Releaf leverages paper usage reporting and equates the number of trees needed to reforest that usage on an equivalent basis in geographic areas of need.

Empowering our customers to sustain and grow our global forestry system

All our managed print service customers can contribute to the reforestation of global forests at the click of a button. The PrintReleaf programme allows customers to select the managed forestry projects where their trees will be planted, in addition to tracking and reporting on their direct reforestation impact. Amazing!

We are passionate about protecting the planet

Along with Print Releaf, at Nustream we are committed to finding other ways to minimise our customers environmental impact. This starts with selecting energy efficient products. We also help our customers monitor print habits of users through the Xerox Print Awareness Tool with the aim of changing them for the better. We partner with our manufacturer’s recycling programme (The Xerox Eco Box) to keep harmful chemicals and metals out of landfills. Check out our Green Policy . We are always looking to improve our footprint and that of our customers.

That’s why Nustream is an ideal partner towards creating a more sustainable planet.

Thank you Prince Harry and Meghan for highlighting such an important issue. Let’s save our planet. Let’s do our part. For more information about Print Releaf at Nustream click here.