The 10 hottest trends for businesses wanting to achieve better outcomes through digitalisation…

  1. Paper free processes: Enterprises are embracing paper to digital by seeking opportunities to bridge the paper and digital gap. Workflow automation has aided this transition.
  2. Cost-efficiencies: Businesses are achieving 20-30% cost-efficiencies by outsourcing print management to a service provider. Outsourcing frees up internal IT staff to focus on projects that align with achieving key objectives.
  3. Service quality is instrumental in achieving customer satisfaction. Digitalisation can help differentiate your service by improved governance, SLAs, and using analytics to improve your service.
  4. Time: Today’s customers are more tech savvy than ever before and their expectations have grown. 84% of consumers expect companies to respond within 24 hours after posting on social media*. Timeliness is key.
  5. Millennials The millennial workforce, 18-34 year olds, are expected to make up the majority of the workforce by 2025. One of the biggest sources of intergenerational conflict in the workplace for millennials is technology (67%). 33% of younger workers become frustrated with using outdated technology (33%)~
  6. Security: According to Quocirca Report MPS Landscape 2015^ – security has risen to the top of the agenda for the first time with 75% of organisations indicating that this was an important or very important driver.
  7. Risk: Over a third of businesses are compromising compliance and risk incidents due to broke or poor processes**.
  8. The internet of things (IOT) is emerging as the next technology mega-trend. The IoT merges the physical and online worlds offering new opportunities to innovate. Data can be used from the IoT landscape to drive efficiency improvements.
  9. Big data analytics: the market for data analytics continues to grow. Some of the key trends include: movement to the cloud, aggregated digital unstructured and machine IoT data, the use of more “dark data” i.e. the wealth of information that is contained in paper-based documents, actionable data, and data projects releasing tangible value***.
  10. Sustainability: Corporate social responsibility remains a major factor in business. Business’ commitment to reduce paper usage and minimise their environmental impact remains.

3 steps to better digitalisation results:

  • Assess & optimise: Audit, track, measure, analyse your use of paper. Follow-up with an assessment to check results.
  • Secure & integrate: Build in security and make sure that technology, process and people can play together happily.
  • Automate & simplify: workflow automation – it’s where so much of the benefit will come.

With the arrival of millennials as customers and employees, companies will need to look to change to stay relevant in the future of business.



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