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Can content management support GDPR Compliance?


Can content management support GDPR Compliance?

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) require businesses operating in the EU to protect data and privacy of their citizens. Businesses need a robust strategy to keep their daily operations GDPR compliant. Effective Enterprise content management (ECM) platforms can provide greater control, insight and predictability in addressing regulatory compliance like GDPR.

Before you invest in content management – how do I know which platform is suited to support GDPR compliance?

1. How quickly can I find the information I need now?

A content management platform provides a structured approach for capturing, storing and retrieving records by finding and indexing key information for fast retrieval. Manually processing paper documents can take an age and you can lose data – DocuShare content management helps companies stay clear of hands-on processes.

2. How can I manage document retention periods?

Tools on enterprise content management systems, such as DocuShare’s Content Rules Manager, allow organisations to set document retention periods in advance based on the purpose for which the personal data is processed. Therefore, automated content retention provides a proactive approach to managing data.

3. How secure are my documents?

ECMs have clever adaptions so you can manage the security of documents. DocuShare Life Cycle Manager helps identify personal data and map each element with the conditions listed in the GDPR. Once information is captured, indexed and stored, this content can be managed through six levels of user permissions within DocuShare as well as with ConnectKey technology, DocuShare mobile apps and data-in-use encryption.

4. How well can I respond to a GDPR request to an access request?

Content management platforms provide a structure for managing policies and procedures for responding to a data subject’s request as well as rapid retrieval of targeted records. It also supports the ability to efficiently update data subject’s personal data.


GDPR has updated existing privacy legislation and introduced new guidelines for handling data. By asking these content management questions your organisation can be better prepared for GDPR.

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